Trisha Barton has her EdM in Art and Creative Technology Education from Columbia University, Teachers College and B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College.. Trisha has been working with students in education and mentorship since 2015. Her mentorship and teaching began working as the Art and Technology Co-Director at the Fulton County Juvenile Justice court through the Noble Truth Project, Inc, where she received the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award for her work. In the summer of 2016, she was a Supplemental Instructor for Upward Bound Trio Program where she mentored high school students preparing first-generation college students with college crash courses on financial budgeting, navigating academic matriculation, and career development. She began teaching after-school programming in 2016 for grades K- 5, teaching and studying the relationship of resilience to combined art and technology during her the Zankel fellowship at Columbia University, Teachers College. After Trisha graduated with her EdM in May of 2018, she continues to incorporate art and engineering to enhance students learning experience while building 21st-century skills. Trisha has been developing curriculum focusing on STEAM-based curriculum since 2015 with the Children’s Museum of the Arts, her Zankel Fellowship, STEM Kids NYC, Hypothkids Inc., and EdLab. She has designed and taught after-school programs such as Creative Robotics, Creative Engineering, and Hypothe-Sis (all girls STEM empowerment program). As a STEAM teacher, Trisha takes students on field trips, teaches lessons, and has lead design challenges focusing on environmental science, ecology, human biology, mathematics, simple machines, hydroponics, and water pollution for Hypothekids, Inc.. She also works as an education interaction designer at EdLab, education technology and research company. She uses her knowledge of teaching, art, design, and the latest creative engineering practices to co-develop deeply meaningful learning experiences such as Play Table, a project for students to take breaks from studying while gaining new skills while playing with different creative tools (3D Photogrammetry/Design, Object Oriented Processing, and Stop Motion).


Trisha would like to develop her area of research to include the ways humans use their knowledge to share and to educate, using art and design to enhance interactive experiences. She enjoys and has skills with a variety of art mediums such as sculpture, ceramics painting, physical computing, processing, and design. 

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