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Trisha is an Interaction Designer, and STEAM/Maker Education consultant, with a bachelors in Psychology and an EdM in Creative Technology, she has researched the role of stress in education and how we can use technology to learn, explore, create, and innovate. Trisha’s work is focused on the affordances of exploring STEM concepts with design in our everyday lives.  For the last four years, Trisha has researched STEAM curricula and pedagogy, while working with an array of students that are diverse in gender, age, and ethnicity. She has consulted for various organizations such as Hypothekids, STEM Kids NYC, YW NYC, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, and The Giant Room on implementing STEAM curriculums and projects, preparing educators and youth for skills needed in the 21st century, and empowering minorities to engage and pursue STEM careers. Her recent projects have focused around develop programming, curriculum, and inquiry-based projects that encourage young girls to get involved in STEM fields such as aerospace engineering,  UX/UI design, and game design. 
She has also spoken and presented at Blacks at Microsoft Culture Slam, Diversity in Research and Practice Conference, National Art Educators Association Conference, YW NYC, and Bank Street School for Children. 

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